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第1章: 日本とベンガルの交流の始まり

第2章: タゴールと岡倉天心

第3章: ラス・ビハリ・ボースと日本

第4章: 受け継がれる「独立」への意志

第5章: チャンドラ・ボースとインド国民軍

第6章: 「パル判決書」の歴史的意義

第7章: バングラデシュ小史

特別対談 ペマ・ギャルポ X シャーカー







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「史実を世界に発信する会」 会長 茂木弘道拝

Japan Awakened Asia—A Miracle of the 20th Century

The Road to the Independence of India

—A Story to Be Passed Down to the Next Generation

Probir Bikash Sarker

Mr. Probir Sarker mentions his intention for writing this book:


The relationship between Japan and Bengal has been developed through a great drama in an age of turbulence and drastic changes in the history of Asia by prominent players like Vivekananda, Tagore, and Okakura Tenshin; Rash Behari Bose, Toyama Mitsuru; Subhas Chandra Bose and Tojo Hideki during the Greater East Asian Conference; Justice Pal and Shimonaka Yasaburo during the Tokyo Trials (the International Military Tribunal for the Far East).


I want to share this historical narrative with the people of Japan from the point of view of the



The book includes the following chapters:


Chapter 1: The beginning of exchanges between Japan and Bengal

Chapter 2: Tagore and Okakura Tenshin

Chapter 3: Rash Bihari Bose and Japan

Chapter 4: Inherited intent on “independence”

Chapter 5: Chandra Bose and the Indian National Army

Chapter 6: Historical significance of the “Dissentient Judgment of Justice Pal”

Chapter 7: A short history of Bangladesh

Chapter 8: Special Discussion between Dr. Pema Gyalpo and Mr. Sarker


The Road to the Independence of Asia is “A Miracle of the 20th Century,” and this implies that it is also a “A Miracle of the Modern Japan.”





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