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「史実を世界に発信する会」 会長 茂木弘道

協力者代表:神奈川大学教授 小山和伸




Nakamura Akira, Dokkyo University Professor Emeritus

(English translation: Society for the Dissemination of Historical Fact)

Part 1: Preface and Table of Contents


The Greater East Asian War has prompted the publication of a great many works seeking to analyze the conflict. Among them, The Road to the Greater East Asian War, which devotes 660 pages to the topic, has won high praise for its author’s exhaustive research.


The analysis begins in the modern era, and explores the events that led up to the Greater East Asian War. It includes the background behind actions taken by Japan and the reasons for Japan’s choices.


As the Preface states, most wars are caused by a variety of complex factors, among them historical events. According to what is referred to as the IMTFE (International Military Tribune for the Far East) historical perception, Japan and only Japan bears the responsibility for the outbreak of the Greater East Asian War. That perception, which prevails in historical circles abroad, and even in Japan, is now embraced as an unassailable truth. The Road to the Greater East Asia Warconfronts that viewpoint head-on with the results of masterful research supported by fact.


It is our hope that the young people of Japan will read this book for a fresh look at an important phase in our nation’s history. We would also encourage scholars, politicians, journalists, and students in the world at large to become acquainted with this valuable resource; to that end, we have decided to prepare an English translation.


As a perusal of the Table of Contents will reveal, Chapter 1 deals with the beginnings of Japan-Korea relations in the modern era, and Chapter 20 with Japan’s strenuous but unsuccessful efforts to achieve peace. If we count the Introduction and Epilogue, there are 22 chapters in all. We hope you will read each installment when it appears. Your questions are always welcome.



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MOTEKI Hiromichi, Chairman

Society for the Dissemination of Historical Fact

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