【概説】「史実を世界に発信する会」 茂木弘道

一次資料が明かす 南京事件の真実』(展転社)(改訂版)

池田 悠 著

その2 第一章 南京事件の発信源はアメリカ宣教師団である















 令和3年10月25日 「史実を世界に発信する会」 茂木弘道


Primary Historical Sources Reveal The Truth About

The Nanjing Incident

(Revised Version)

Ikeda Haruka

Series No.2:  Chapter 1 The Original Disseminators of the Nanjing Incident were American Missionaries


   This Chapter clearly demonstrates that the original source of the so-called Nanjing Incident was a gang of American missionaries.

   Nanjing was a walled castle city. Therefore reliable eye witnesses to the “Incident” will need to have been within the walled city during the battle of Nanjing.

   Aside from Chinese and Japanese soldiers, those in Nanjing at that time were Chinese citizens and foreign Europeans and Americans. Most of the information disseminated to the rest of the world about the Incident was in fact by foreign Westerns or via Western conduits.

   The 22 foreigners who were in Nanjing at the time of the “Incident” have been fully identified. Of the 22 Westerners, an overwhelming majority were American missionaries. Foreign Westerners formed the International Committee for the Nanking Safety Zone to help Chinese citizens.

   On careful examination of the various pronouncements of the “Nanjing Incident” at the time, most can be linked to the American missionaries. Reports in the media of the “Incident”, in the Chicago Daily News, The New York Times, and so on were based on a document conveniently provided by Miner Bates, a leading member of the American missionary group and of the International Committee for the Nanking Safety Zone, and definitely not on first-hand observation.

   John Rabe was chairman for the International Committee of the Nanking Safety Zone. He was, of course, in Nanjing, but his accounts in his diary were not based on his own observations but on hear-say or from information spoon fed to him by American missionaries. In fact, he himself did not witness a single murder in Nanjing.        





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