『アメリカ人が語る:アメリカが隠しておきたい日本の歴史』(英訳)概説 「史実を世界に発信する会」茂木弘道


An American Speaks: The Japanese History That Some Want Hidden
評者:Tadashi Hama

 戦前の日本側の歴史は現代の歴史学ではことさら無視され、日本が「侵略戦争」を行い、米国は正義のために「侵略者」日本を壊滅させたという歴史観が守られています。しかしその実態は全く異なるものであることを著者はチャールズ・リンドバークの”The War Time Journal”も参考文献にあげ、詳述しています。また、米軍はホノルルのスホテルストリートに州政府と警察と協力して売春宿を運営していたこと、また日本占領時に売春宿をつくらせたことなども遠慮なく指摘しています。
平成29年12月27日 「史実を世界に発信する会」茂木弘道
<Book Review>
An American Speaks: The Japanese History That Some Want Hidden
Max von Schuler
Hart Publishers (Tokyo), 2016
Reviewed by Tadashi Hama
A German-American Max von Schuler came to Japan as a soldier of Marine Corps stayed in Japan over forty years.
There are two main themes in Von Schuler’s bilingual book. One theme, as suggested by the title, is the over-looked—perhaps “hidden”—history of pre-war Japan. While history is a collection of views, Von Schuler points out that the pre-war Japanese point of view has been studiously shunned in modern histories as they do not serve to bolster the American narrative—that Japan waged a “war of aggression” and America destroyed “aggressive” Japan for the sake of justice.
The second main theme von Shuler explores is the relationship between Japan and South Korea, one that could be characterized as Japanese reaction to constant Korean anti-Japan badgering based on—again—a mythical history. Von Schuler points out that neither Korea nor the US can claim the moral high ground when one objectively looks into their pasts. It is the right of people to coalesce around a common history which gives them a common sense of purpose and identity. However, the current book suggests that dogmatic faith in a mythical history is leading both Korea and the US down a self-destructive path. While von Schuler focuses on the relationship between Japan, South Korea and the US, upon reflection, his themes could be applicable elsewhere, such as to China.
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